You Can Do It!

(1) Connect and share with other educators online.
If you’re reading this, you’ve already achieved half of this. You are digesting information that’s shared on our Global2 blog. All you need do now is to add something back – a comment or a post here in on a Global2 blog or in our Google+ Community.

(2) Try something new in your teaching or professional learning.
This might involve technology such as having a G+ Hangout with other educators, it might be something we’ve discussed like Inquiry Based Learning or it might be something else you’ve discovered along the way.

(3) Share your experience with the TL21C community.
Come along and share something of your experience on the final face to face day at NMIT Preston on 22 November. This could be as part of your team project or it could be something you’ve done yourself. Remember, it doesn’t have to be something spectacular or new. It just needs to be something new for you. Tell us what worked or what didn’t work. Even those who’ve already tried what you attempted can learn something new from your experience. We all want to help our teaching colleagues in their professional learning, so the more you share, the more we’ll all learn.