Wed 31 Jul Webinar 1 ‘21st Century Learning.’ What does it mean? Why does it matter? Opportunity to ask questions including addressing any difficulties encountered with Global2, Google Plus or Twitter.

Milestone 1*Driving the Question. Developing a ‘driving’ or ‘essential’ question.

Wed 21 Aug Webinar 2 Personal Learning Networks. Using Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

Milestone 2Exploring the Question!Identify guiding questions to be answered by guiding activities – ‘finding out and sorting out’.

Wed 11 Sep Webinar 3 Inquiry Based Learning. How is our project going? Each group reports.

Milestone 3Collating, Curating and Sharing. Where can we store, share and reflect on our learning?

Wed 9 Oct Webinar 4Collaboration & Sharing. Global2, Google Apps, Office 365, Evernote, DropBox. Diigo etc.

Milestone 4Taking Action Put your learning into action! Plan your project and execute!

Wed 30 Oct Webinar 5Managing workflow & Staying Organised. How do we handle the firehose of information?

Wed 13 Nov Webinar 6Bringing Positive Change to Our Schools. What have we learned? Changed? What do we intend?

Milestone 5 – Sharing your learning. Decide how to share your learning at the final session.

Fri 22 Nov Closing Session at NMIT – Project Presentations by each group.

*Share your learning with each milestone through a blog post, a video reflection or other method of your choice. Post it on Global2. Link to your reflection in the Googe Plus Community. Tweet the link on Twitter using the #TL21C hashtag.

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