Opening Session 26 Jul

Schedule for the day.


8:30 (30min) Tea/Coffee/Biscuits (Help Desk)

9:00 (15 min) Welcome, Peter Maggs, DEECD Elearning Unit

9:15 (15 min) The road ahead, John Thomas, TL21C Course Facilitator

9:30 (60 min) Keynote, Jenny Luca, Director of ICT and eLearning at Toorak College

10:30 (25 min) Morning Tea, Interviews to camera with Mark Shea

10:55 (65 min) Collaborating in the Cloud (John Thomas & John Pearce)

12:00 (30 min) What If discussions (Mel Cashen & Andrew Williamson)

12:30 (15 min) Choosing our projects

12:45 (45 min) Lunch, Interviews to camera with Mark Shea

1:30 (35 min) Exploring teamwork (Margo Edgar and Mel Cashen)

2:05 (45 min) IBL, Richard Lambert

2:50 (30 min) Where to next, John Thomas & Coaches

3:20 Close, Interviews to camera with Mark Shea

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