Corrie Barclay

Corrie Barclay is the eLearning Coordinator/ICT Leading Teacher at Manor Lakes P-12 College, in Wyndham Vale Victoria. A teacher for 11 years, Corrie has presented at various State, National and International Conferences. He has also delivered Keynote addresses the GTAV Conference in 2012 and the ALIA Conference in 2013. Corrie was chosen to participate in Google Teacher Academy 2011, held at Google HQ in Sydney, and is now a Google Certified Teacher. He was also selected to become an ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator) in 2013.

Melinda Cashen

Melinda has twelve years experience as an educator in primary education where she used technology enhanced learning experiences for students.

A well networked educator, Melinda received the Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association Outstanding Achievement in the ICT Primary Teaching and Learning Community Award in 2011 for her contribution to the DEECD Learning Management System and supporting teachers.

Melinda is an active member in many online networks and has mentored teachers in building an online community of practice. She is passionate about student centred learning and uses technology to develop global connections, collaborate and create.

Margo Edgar

Margo Edgar is currently working as an Assistant Principal at Essendon North Primary. She has taken on this role after more than 30 years of classroom teaching experience in both urban and rural schools. Margo has been on a continuous learning curve throughout her teaching career. She began using ICT in primary classrooms in 1980 and has been at the forefront of learning technologies use in education ever since. She has presented at State and National Conferences, particularly in the field of digital literacies.

Roland Gesthuizen

Roland has an active interest in the development of online learning communities, open education and software freedom, He is a social-media evangelist who enjoys teaching information technology and science at a DEECD school in Melbourne, Australia. As a GLOBE trained teacher his work spans a range of environmental issues using blended learning to bridge Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. Over the past two decades he has presented and published at ISTE, ACEC, VITTA and ICTEV conferences and groups. He is a recipient of the 2010 ACCE Educator of the year Award and 2012 ISTE Making IT Happen Award. On a quest to split the byte and rejoin Pangaea.

Sam Irwin

Sam is currently the Leading Teacher for 21st Century Learning at Taylors Hill Primary School, and although he drives there for work every day, doesn’t really know where it is. In this role, Sam is upskilling staff in the use of technology and encouraging them to take risks with their teaching. Sam is passionate about student/teacher engagement and ensuring that both come to school because they want to, not because they have to! When he’s not at school you’ll find Sam on his property in sunny Inverleigh with hammer, saw and a range of other tools he doesn’t know how to use, working on renovating the house he lives in with his wife Carly (sorry ladies). He also enjoys the odd round of golf, a beer, both at the same time and getting to the footy to support his beloved Cats!

Richard Lambert

Richard Lambert is Assistant Principal of Kalinda Primary School in Ringwood. Beyond his work at Kalinda, he is an author, presenter, education consultant and Google Certified Teacher, whose passion is bringing knowledge of best pedagogy and best digital tools together.

Narissa Leung

Narissa is currently a Leading Teacher in ICT and Curriculum at Campbells Creek Primary School. Prior to this year, she worked as an Ultranet/elearning coach across a network of 20 schools. In 2012 Narissa was awarded the Lindsay Thompson Fellowship (a $50000 travel scholarship) at the Education Excellence awards. This award highlighted the work she has done to connect teachers and students using technology with a constant focus of improving student outcomes.

Michelle Meracis

Michelle is a primary school teacher who has been teaching for 16 years. She has a strong interest and background in learning technologies and has held a variety of positions, i.e. Learning & Teaching/eLearning Leading Teacher, ICT Peer Coach. Michelle has presented at conferences on a number of topics, including ICT peer coaching and integrating 1:1 mobile devices. She has also worked closely with representatives from Cisco, IBM and Microsoft on educational projects.

John Pearce

Having spent more than thirty years teaching in primary schools John Pearce now tutors at Deakin University. John’s ongoing interest in the use of ICT across the curriculum has seen him present at local, national and international conferences. His web based resources attract readers from all over the globe.

Lois Smethurst

Lois Smethurst has been a Leading Teacher for ICT, in Primary Schools, for more than 15 years. She is passionate about ICT, winning a state and regional award for Innovation In ICT for her use of multimedia in student learning. She has completed additional study in the area, including a Masters of Education in Information Technology. Her current role is teaching ICT extension for gifted and highly able students at Berwick Lodge Primary School where she models the use of multimedia as a way for students to construct learning,. Her students are part of a unique program where they then become the ICT mentors in the school.  Lois also oversees The Berwick Lodge Student Hour, a live to air weekly radio program , providing a unique and invaluable opportunity for students to participate in authentic learning.

John Thomas, DEECD Course Facilitator

As a young teacher John Thomas was an elearning pioneer who encouraged the introduction of computers to Victorian schools. He left teaching after twelve years to pursue the development of his fledgling educational software publishing business which became best known for bringing much-loved Australian children’s characters such as The Wiggles, Hi-5, Bananas in Pyjamas and Play School to interactive format. John led many multi-award winning educational projects designed for Australian students and retained a keen focus on education throughout his 20 year business career.

Two years after selling his business John’s eldest daughter began school. This brought John back into the classroom, initially as a volunteer. Soon his passion for his first career was rekindled, and he once again became an agent for change in education by encouraging schools and teaching colleagues to embrace the transformative potential of new technologies in education.

Andrew Williamson

Andrew is a music and classroom primary school educator investigating the use of creativity in education. In his 16 years as an educator Andrew has taught as a secondary music teacher, instrumental teacher, ensemble conductor, primary music teacher, classroom generalist teacher and ICT coordinator. Andrew is currently studying for his Masters Of Education focussing on the key learning areas of thinking, knowledge and creativity. Andrew is one of the founding members of @motmedu (Meeting Of The Minds Unconference) and a Google Certified Teacher.

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