It’s time to share.

We’re at the business end of our PD program, so it’s time to share some reflections on our learning.

You might like to share about something you’ve tried in your classroom or something that interests you as an educator. Alternatively, you might like to share where you were in your thinking before you started out with TL21C and what has changed since then? Where are you going now?

What matters most in this program is what interests YOU as a self-motivated, self-directed, self-managed learner and as a professional educator. If the things you hear during our Webinars, see in our Communities or read on our team blogs don’t interest you, then your responsibility is to start conversations and share things that DO interest you.

Our sharing can be with participants in our main ‘Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century’ Google+ Community, or publicly on our team blogs and Twitter using the #TL21C hashtag. The more we share, the more we’ll learn.

Here’s a short video that includes some sharing by course participants on the initial face to face day. We’re now looking forward to our culminating face to face day on 22 November.

If you can’t see this video because YouTube is blocked in your school, you can see another copy here.

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