Andrew’s PLN Webinar

This is the Google Presentation shared on the PLN Webinar of the 21st of August. It includes the videos played during the presentation, (note Vimeo videos can’t be embedded in Google Presentations so you will need to click on the image or link). The presentation also includes an edited version of the chat from the webinar. Note all of the links in the presentation are clickable.

Eric Curts Google Plus For Schools

Eric Curts is a great Google Certified Teacher who shares some excellent resources at In this case he has prepared a guide for teachers looking to get started with Google+ in schools. With lots of screen grabs the guide is easy to follow and very thorough. Once you’ve got your Google Drive set up all you need do is to Make a Copy for yourself.

You might also like to have a look through A Google presentation that I have used to present to Science Teachers about using Google Drive.